Hello, I'm Máximo.
I'm a Product Designer
for Web and Mobile.

Preparing color scheme

Preparing color scheme

Minimal Ruby

Minimal Ruby

Mockuping ATM image

Mockuping ATM image

The ghost of Arachania announces the end of happy holidays and the beginning of the working year. It has been seen on the east coast of Uruguay.

Enjoy it while you can

The ghost of Arachania announces the end of happy holidays and the beginning of the working year. It has been seen on the east coast of Uruguay.

Enjoy it while you can


FUNimation website and store completely redesign.

The last major project by DADMONKEY GROUP in 2012.

In this big and beautiful project, my role included Managment and UI/UX Design. During the process, we redesigned the product from sketches and wireframes to the final design, we also provided the definition of style guides and the markup of the main sections.

The rest of the team: Virginia Vera, Leticia Gómez, Rodrigo Baeza, Pablo Gaione, Pablo Scasso, Fernando Doglio, Rosina Nabazas.



Branding for the open source project called Looking for Pull Requests!.

"Use the site to find a project to contribute to, OR publish your projects and let the world know you’re looking for contributors."

The project is being developed by DADMONKEY GROUP.
Original idea by @deleteman123


Certified Scrum Master

In August this year (2013), I attended the CSM course, with some co-workers of Moove-iTArkano, and UruIT, this course was given by Alan Cyment (official coach from Scrum Alliance). 


- Vision and course description
- Why Scrum
- Rules of Scrum
- Spirit of Scrum
- Tools and Framework artifacts
- Practical exercises for teamwork
- Emphasis on topics chosen by the participants

I can say that the course exceeded my expectations, I found it very useful as an introduction to Agile world and highlight several interesting concepts.


- The “Organic Development” proposes delivering value at each iteration, working all areas necessary to achieve. 

- “Lean” and the uncomfortable position to reveal and eliminate fat continuously, understanding fat as anything that interferes with the speedy and safe delivery of value. 

- “No Silver Bullet” talks about the difference between accidental complexity and essential complexity, while promoting organic growth through incremental development software.


- The model of “Relese Managment” as a healthy alternative to the model based on strict control. 

- “Surfing the Chaos” is a competitive advantage when it comes to be more flexible and have greater potential to generate innovative solutions. 

- “Self-Managed Teams” based on trust and collective knowledge, also requires a high commitment from each member. 


- “Kaizen” is the representation of the small improvement, which when practiced regularly provoke the “Kaikaku”, a word that symbolizes the radical improvement. 

- “Love Mondays” so we must do what we love, work that way will not be an obligation, but rather enjoyable. 

- “Scrum is an unattainable goal” means that we will always have capacity for improvement, and always have something more to learn…


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Brand image design, for a collective project of which I am a member.

DADMONKEY GROUP. is a collaborative group of distributed people bent on creating cool products.